H&H Strikes Again!

H&H is having another Tastemaker Tag Sale on One Kings Lane this Thursday, so mark your calendars! The sale will begin on December 1st at 6pm PT/ 9 pm EST. You don't want to miss out on the chance to buy fun stuff like this...

I am really dying over that tole pineapple chandelier...it's so stinkin' cute. Until Thursday comes around, you can further whet your palette for H&H's big sale by cruising their inventory. These chairs, which are covered with Les Touches, one of my favorite Brunschwig & Fils prints, are among the fabulous array of beautiful things you'll find there. 

Furniture Fountain of Youth: Wild Chairy

I have another talented gal to add to my list of refinishing wizards...her name is Andrea Mihalik and she is the creative force behind Wild Chairy Studio. Using old world upholstery techniques and premium materials like Italian twine, horse hair, and organic cotton, Andrea revitalizes and restyles salvaged vintage furniture. Wild Chairy's inventive creations are exciting and inspiring and are sure to make a bold statement in any space. You can shop WC's current inventory on Etsy. If you're looking to give a facelift to a piece that you already own, then browse their portfolio for ideas. Here is a sampling...

Photo via Wild Chairy

Photo via Wild Chairy

Photo via Wild Chairy

Here's a before and after...
Photo via Wild Chairy

Photo via Wild Chairy

Cool stuff, right? My favorite ones have the blue geometric fabric and white lacquer frames. What about you?


Thakoon + Ankasa for Edition01

Judging from my inbox, there is a lot of action on the interwebs right now! Cyber Monday's sales and promotions are in full swing and I seem to have received every single sale announcement over the past few days. One email from the deluge that was particularly interesting (and not Cyber Monday-related) was regarding the new Thakoon + Ankasa pillow collection for Edition01. Here is a sampling of the pillows...

I like the black/grey/ivory print on the first two best. I was surprised that there wasn't more embroidery and embellishment because both Thakoon and Ankasa are known for luxe details. Plus, there are only six different styles and only three different fabrics in the whole set which was a bit disappointing. The fabrics hailed from Thakoon's pre-Spring runway collection and I was sad that some of the others weren't used...like these:

Hopefully, there will be another collection with fabrics from Thakoon's spring collection because those fabrics are so fun!!

So, what do you think of the Thakoon + Ankasa pillow collection for Edition01? I'm left wanting more but on the positive side, I like a couple of the prints (not the rose one) and I appreciate that the prices aren't too crazy.

For those who aren't familiar with Edition01, it's a new site that collaborates with renowned designers to create limited edition capsule collections. So far, my socks aren't knocked off by anything I've seen but it's pretty new so I'm sure it'll only get better. You can sign up through this link: Edition01.


Bartsch Couture Wall Design

I'm full-on obsessed with this moon phase motif - Croissants de Lunes en coloris Nuit noire et Or - created by French decorative painting workshop, Bartsch. Believe it or not, Bartsch paints their bespoke designs directly onto the wall. Each creation is unique...a special work of art.

And here is the other colorway, Framboise et Or

The French have a long history of using decorative painting in their interiors. I love that the founders of Bartsch are keeping that tradition alive and fresh by employing their graphic design skills to create a chic, modern aesthetic. Here are my other favorite motifs that they've dreamed up...

Ciel étoilé en coloris Guimauve, Blanc et Or - Bartsch

Vichy sans Chichis en coloris Glacis et vernis satiné Tableau noir sur Ivoire - Bartsch

Look how darling the Les Nuages de coton motif looks in this nursery...what a lucky bébé!

I assume that Bartsch is only for hire in Paris. Of course they would be. All things fabulous are in Paris as far as I'm concerned! If you're up for investigating their services further, check out the Bartsch Facebook page in addition to their super cute website. Maybe they will throw a bone to the non-Parisians and start making wallpaper with those amazing designs...wishful thinking!


Stock Your Bar

Last week I did a post on creating a well-stocked bar over on the HomeGoods blog and thought it would be fun to continue the conversation over here.

Since the holidays are officially upon us, it's pretty likely that you'll have guests at your home sometime during the next six weeks. So, it's time to make sure that you are equipped to be a proper host/hostess. Proper hosts offer refreshments and it's nice to be able to offer a wide range of options. We've probably all been in the situation where someone has dropped by and you offer a drink and actually have nothing but tap water and vodka. Not many people would ask for that combo.

To avoid this pitfall, just take the initiative to prep, shop, and maintain and you'll be set! Here's a quick reference list of essentials that you can use to while stocking:

Luckily most of the above aren't perishable so if you buy the items now, they will be good to use for a long time. And obviously, there are a multitude of other drinks, tools, snacks, and glasses that you might want to have on hand. We drink lots of wine so we have a wine aerator and a VacuVin Wine Saver.

Besides accumulating all of the booze, glassware, garnishes, and tools that it takes to be a good home bartender, many of you also need a place to keep/display the aforementioned necessities. If you don't have a built-in bar at your house, then consider putting a bar cabinet or cart to work.

Bar carts have been all the rage over the past couple of years, and Society Social is a new company that pretty much specializes in them. Here are some of their bars in case you're in the market...

What do you think of Society Social's bars? And what did I leave off of my list of essentials? Do you have favorite bar tools, cocktails, or garnishes? How do you store your barware/booze?


Reading List: Co-Lab.

If you are a fabric/upholstery junkie like I am, you've got to check out Co-Lab. It's a fab new magalogue that has tons of gorgeous images and a minimal amount of copy (how an e-pub should be, in my opinion). Co-Lab. was created by Chairloom's Molly Andrews and Super Rural's Tracey Jenkins...they teamed up with photographer Rachel McGinn to make the magic happen. Together they all created a really inspiring and informative publication. Seriously, if you're planning to recover anything, go to Co-Lab. before you make any moves. There is lots 'o fodder for the imagination and they've assembled an awesome selection of fabrics.

To entice you to scoot on over to Co-Lab., here is a taste of the fabulous imagery you'll find...

Image via Co-Lab. - photo by Rachel McGinn

Image via Co-Lab. - photo by Rachel McGinn

Image via Co-Lab. - photo by Rachel McGinn

Image via Co-Lab. - photo by Rachel McGinn

Image via Co-Lab. - photo by Rachel McGinn

Studio Bon, Hable Construction, vintage furniture, X-benches, gorgeous photography, buyables...what's not to love?!? After you flipped through Co-Lab. come back here and tell me about what you liked best about the magalogue. Besides the awesome furniture, I loved the fabric collages they put together...such a great resource.

And be sure to follow Co_Lab. on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest so that you can keep up with their latest!


New and Blue

Despite the fact that holiday decor is dominating the "new additions" pages on most retail sites right now, I keep noticing that blue items are making that list too. Maybe they stick out to me because blue is a favorite color of mine or perhaps the retailers have figured out that pretty much everyone likes blue! Here are some of my best new, blue-hued things I've spotted:

Mary McDonald Lamp - Shades of Light
Hampton Links Pillow - Jill Rosenwald
The Art Museum by Phaidon Press - Amazon
Inlaid Bone Console in Lapis - Sang and Serena
carnaby waves vase - Jonathan Adler

Loop De Loop Side Table - Urban Outfitters

Are you a fellow blue lover? Anything you like best from the sets above? I am dying over the lamp by Mary McDonald (who will be doing a fabric line with Schumacher!!!), the pillow designed by Jill Rosenwald (which comes in different colors), the mini ginger jar from Furbish, and that gorgeous inlaid bone console from Sang and SerenaLapis is their latest pigment to introduce and I'm in love with it. Here are more images that show the bone and the mother of pearls inlays...

So gorgeous, aren't they?


My Giraffe Painting Has Been Framed!

The good folks at Larson-Juhl graciously offered to frame my new beloved giraffe painting and wow, they outdid themselves! Quality framing can seriously elevate the overall presentation of a piece of art and LJ demonstrated that concept perfectly. Their in-house designers took my humble painting and gave it a luxe, sophisticated platform upon which to shine. The art was already good but now it looks better and the whole package makes for an exciting addition to my walls. I couldn't be happier about it!

Larson-Juhl came up with some amazing frame designs and beautifully executed two of them. That's right, my one giraffe painting has two different frames in a sense. LJ created a frame made with three different mouldings, one from the L7 collection and two styles from the Cranbrook collection. The L7 collection is comprised of gorgeous, hand water-gilded mouldings that were inspired by Le Corbusier. The Cranbrook mouldings have clean lines and the ones used for my piece have a fabulous, subtle white-washed finish.

My giraffe is showcased on a Cranbrook float frame that lies below the L7. A removable tall cap frame in the same finish can be placed on top of the L7. The removable frame creates versatility...with it, the piece looks a bit more modern and without it, the piece looks more traditional. You can see the two versions here...

This shot shows how the canvas edges are highlighted thanks to the Cranbrook float frame...

Here, the gold L7 is the primary frame...

I also tried the piece out in the entry...

I think the gold works best in here..

Didn't Larson-Juhl do an amazing job?!? I'm really thrilled about how the piece looks and I couldn't be more thankful for their help and expertise. I'm also glad to know about the L7 and Cranbrook collections because I'll be using mouldings from those sets again in the future.

As I mentioned before, great framing is so important and while it can get expensive, I urge you to avoid the pitfall of degrading your artwork by choosing a cheap moulding. Much like giving a pretty girl a stunning dress to wear, the frame around a piece of art can heighten the beauty of the total package. So be sure to seize that opportunity...and do the same for yourself and wear a stunning dress every once and while ;)


Maison de Luxe at Greystone Estate

Show houses are always an interesting topic. Maison de Luxe is the show home in Beverly Hills that will be open to the public from December 2-22. The twenty-six pedigreed designers that contributed to the project certainly had good bones to work with...the location is Greystone Estate, a National Historic Landmark. The manse was built in 1928 and sprawls over 46,000 square feet and sits on 18.5 acres in one of the world's most expensive zip codes.

I have a love affair with old homes in general so I get really excited about mansions of bygone eras. The character, craftsmanship, materials, and attention to detail inherent in historic homes is really special and I'm glad that there are organizations like the Friends of Greystone that work to preserve those elements. Maison de Luxe is the main fundraising initiative for the organization, so if you're in the LA area be sure to buy some tickets and plan a visit!

Here is a preview of some of the rooms...

Library by Barry Dixon, Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe

Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe

Living room by Jamie Drake, Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe

Legacy room by Jiun Ho, Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe

Twilight room by Kendall Wilkinson, Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe

Reflecting pool by Margie Grace, Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe

The Lounge by Sheldon Harte, Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe

Mrs. Doheny's Bedroom by Woodson & Rummerfield Design, Photography courtesy of Grey Crawford for Maison de Luxe

What do you think so far? To be honest, I don't love any of the designs...they all seem a bit garish to me. If I had to pick a favorite, I'd go with the reflecting pool.

Ambivalence and/or distaste is often my reaction to show homes...too often I think designers miss the mark when they design for these events. Some of us that attended Kravet's Blogfest this spring went to the Kipp's Bay show home in New York and found ourselves really disappointed by the interiors showcased there. My bud Erin did a great post that summed up our sentiments.

Maybe with Maison de Luxe the best is yet to come. I've yet to see the rooms that Michelle Nussbaumer, Hutton Wilkinson, Nathan Turner, and Mary McDonald put together and I'm sure those will be spectacular!