Meet Miss Lou Lou

It's my pleasure to introduce our new foster dog, Lou Lou! She's a little cutie and has been SO well-behaved since arriving on Friday.

She has a very sweet, affectionate personality, but like most terriers, she's stubborn. For instance, I took these pics after telling her to get off the couch...she's trying to ignore me. It was cracking me up.

Finally looks a little remorseful!

To keep her off the couch, maybe I need to get her one of the cool dog beds I wrote about last week :)

Lee and Lonny Love

I finally sat down and went through the latest, much clamored about issue of Lonny Magazine. It lives up to the hype and is fabulous. Kudos to all of the staff and talented photographers and designers responsible for providing such wonderful eye candy! This installment is chock-full of great design moments, so I wanted to share my favorite tidbits and lure you over to the mag in case you haven't gone there yet.

First, there's a fantastic write-up on Jayson Home and Garden which I was pumped about since I'm in awe of their collection of merchandise and was blown away by their outstanding customer service when I ordered my ottomans

It really doesn't get much cooler than the tufted black patent bench/ottoman below.

Secondly, another favorite store of mine, Pieces, and its amazing owner, Lee Kleinhelter, got some major props. Lee is super talented and it was a treat to read about how she thoughtfully designed the model unit of an Atlanta high-rise. Lots of great advice in the article on how to design to sell. Also included in the spread are photos of her own stunning condo in the same building and a few snapshots of her precious little baby boy. Be sure to check out his nursery on pages 96-97...it is the jam. 

Even though I've never met her, I like to think we're kindred spirits since we seem to go for the same aesthetic, share the appreciation for the colors orange and white, and finally, we both love Bravo and all the sophisticated, intellectual shows it brings us ;) Anyhow, I hope to make a trip to Atlanta one day so I can meet her and spend lots of time shopping at Pieces! Until then...on to highlights from Lonny:

One of the two chic twin beds in the guest room...headboard is in the perfect hue and with nailhead trim to boot. From the article, referring to Lee's strategic use of color: "energizing the space with the flavorful shade of orange inspired by Herm├Ęs." Music to my ears!

The striped walls are pure genius and so is the off-set mirror.

See, again we are on the same wavelength about the greatness that is a wall-mounted, white lacquered moose head!

I'm jealous of the lucky girl who sleeps under this tufted headboard. White is ultimately my favorite color too. Oh Lee, we really should be besties ;)

I could talk all day about Lee and Pieces, but alas I must move on to other goodies found in the current Lonny. Designer Elizabeth Bauer's Grammercy Park studio apartment also had a notable feature. Throughout the apartment, she used rich color and lots of patterns and textures. 

Very fun and girly effect.

I adore her bedroom. Such exquisite linens from D. Porthault. Of course, my beloved boutique Madison carries them.

If my tole chandelier wasn't black, I'd be a copycat and throw orange shades on it like this. So cute.

Finally, a bathroom from another New York apartment left me speechless. I love everything in this space, from the glossy black walls to the perfect mix of towels. I REALLY want the Greek key towels.

Ok, I must stop...don't want to share too much. If you haven't already, go check out Lonny for yourself. There is lots more to see and read, so head on over and get to it!


Room Recipe: Study

After receiving a few emails and comments on some of the items in our study, I figured it best to provide a room recipe...even though this room is not quite finished!

As with the one I did for the bedroom and the dining room, some items aren't available online, so I've provided comparable alternatives.

1. Paint - Deep Silver 2124-30 - Benjamin Moore
2. Chandelier - Z Gallerie - Orbit Chandelier
3. Rug - Frontgate - Greek Key Outdoor Rug
4. Chairs - Restoration Hardware - Martine Dining Chairs
6. Lamps - Wisteria Outlet
7. Bookcase - Wisteria Outlet
8. Hanging Magazines - Taschen - Arts & Architecture 1945-54: The Complete Reprint

This lamp is very similar to the ones on our desks, however, it's not exactly easy on the budget!

This Pottery Barn one has a better price tag. Take your pick!

The Sonoma Bookcase from Ballard Designs is a dead ringer for the one I have. They have good sales, so if you're patient, the price could get better.

Like I said, this room remains unfinished and I have lots of ideas on changes. As usual, more time and money would catalyze the process! Oh well...hopefully both will come sooner rather than later and I can execute the following:

1) Add a second bookcase and then split the two with a small credenza or cabinet of some sort. The set-up would be something like this (only a lot less cool)...
Design by Kelly Wearstler

2) On a function over form issue, more storage space is needed for my desk. So, I'm thinking about ordering two file cabinet units like these from PB and using them instead of the trestles.

3) The walls need to be made a little less bare. I originally planned to hang a second line of the Arts and Architecture magazines above the one I already have up. The wire hanging systems bows too much (I wanted a straight line), so I'm not sure if that's still a possibility. I need to play around with it more and see if I can get the line taught without ripping up my walls!

Also, I bought this huge piece for my husband's office, and I've been plotting to steal it and hang it in the study :)

We have two desks because my husband thought he could do more of his late-night working at home. Turns out, he gets more done at his office and hardly uses the set-up at home. Since the need for double desks has diminished, the design/layout possibilities are now more open.

Buying two desks forced me to find a cheap solution: the IKEA trestles + stainless steel desktops. If I only had to buy one, I'd go for something prettier, more functional, and probably more expensive. Join me in Lala Land and let's pretend I'm starting from scratch. Here are some items that I'd consider...

Decker Bookshelf from Anthropologie

The above bookcase would play nicely with this Library Desk from Viva Terra. The built-in book nook looks cool and would probably be really functional. I'm also a fan of the weathered gray finish. Only problem is that the aforementioned storage issue would not be solved. Ugh, it's so hard to get a good-looking and practical desk!

I adore steel tanker desks and one would nip my storage problem in the bud. Rehab Vintage in LA has some that are new and others that have been refurbished. I'd love to get one in a fun color...probably turquoise or orange. Here's the standard gray, which is also neat.

Or I'd go in a different direction all together and use skinny bookcases and do a long credenza like this beauty from Pieces. Credenzas provide tons of storage so no need to get a drawer-loaded desk.

The credenza would need a snazzy, brightly-colored pair of lamps and in reality I'd probably run to HomeGoods for those. Since they don't have merchandise on their website and this exercise is just for fun...let's go for a pair of vintage Murano lamps from Swank.

With the credenza, I likely pick something in this realm for the desk since it has a more polished look. Also from Pieces, a gorgeous walnut desk...

As far as the rug goes, I'd stick with an indoor/outdoor one - they're ideal for an office if you have a rolling chair since there's no rug pile to scoot across. Also, you can literally take them outside and hose them off! Burke Decor has some great options like this cool black and white one.


Mood Board Monday - Rainy Day Bedroom

Pewter & Sage is hosting another Mood Board Monday...this time, the theme is "beautiful bedding." Specifically, we were given a few different bedding options to choose from, then we were to create a bedroom around our choice.

I LOVE bed linens so I was pumped about this one! I even did two moodboards...the first was for Nate Berkus day :) They are so different from each other...one is super colorful and this one is much more neutral. Do you have a favorite between the two?

Wall color, P32 Canon De Fusil - Flammant
Inspiration Bedding - Barbara Barry from Macy's
Chandelier - Horchow
Headboard - Pottery Barn (I don't think the one currently available has the cute black cording)
Lamp - Restoration Hardware
Genie Bottles - Jill Rosenwald
Bookshelf/Nightstand - Ballard Designs
Full-Length Mirror - IKEA
Bench - Layla Grayce
Rug - Burke Decor
Painting - Ugallery
Chest of Drawers - Ballard Designs
Silver Floor Lamp - Layla Grayce
Monogram Pillow - Jonathan Adler
Bud Vase - CB2
Penguin Classic Books* - Anthropologie
Cane Chair - Layla Grayce

* I would also fill the nightstand bookshelf with these gorgeous books :)


Retail Stew

No coherent theme or mission today...just a bunch of stuff I think is cool. So, prepare yourself for my messy Friday brain dump...a delightful, motely mix of things I've noticed while cruising the world wide web.

Medley Vase - Z Gallerie
This would look SO amazing filled with color-blocked bunches of flowers.

Noir Industry Bench - Layla Grace

Festival Rug - Anthro
I have been loving this rug for a long time and finally think I figured out a place for it in our house. Stay tuned!

Venezia Sofa - Z Gallerie

Colorful Pillows - Jonathan Adler (I know, I'm such a whore for JA!)

Regent Armchair - Jonathan Adler

Left Bank Shelving - Viva Terra

Have a fantastic weekend!


Dog Bed Round-Up

Random, glaringly out of place items in a room - such as kids toys, electronics, or a ratty old dog bed - are major style killers. Toys and electronics can (and should) be put away, but your dog's bed usually stays in plain sight. Because of this factor, coordinating the color/fabric of the bed with your home decor helps maintain a put-together look. Luckily, it's easy to up the ante in the aesthetics department since dog beds are made in tons of cute styles these days. I need to follow my own advice and get new ones for our three pups...after the wear-and-tear of many foster dogs, ours have seen better days and are becoming an eyesore! I've been on the hunt for a while now and here are some that have gotten my attention along the way...

Crypton has great fabrics and their claim to fame is durability.

Frontgate has lots of good ones including this one that fills with water so your pup stays cool as well as the colorful printed ones below.

For the little dogs (and cats too), the Sleepypod is awesome.

Molly Mutt created the fabulous concept of the duvet + Stuff Sack. You can fill a Stuff Sack full of old clothes, bedding, towels, and then wrap it up all nice and pretty with a washable duvet. I could fill one purely with the polyfill that my dogs pull out of their toys!

Wood Cuff Bed - Jack's Cabana on Etsy
For the swanky canine who enjoys yachting, polo, and summering in the south of France.

Nesting Bed - FetchDog
Our Jack Russells burrow under covers, so I'm sure they would love to crawl into this furry little sack! I'd get the ivory colored one.

Cozy Cave - Fetch Dog
This one doesn't have a snazzy fabric, but the Knight dogs have one because of the aforementioned burrowing behavior, and they love it. It's like a giant pita pocket :)

Fleur Bed - Etsy
I'm loving the color palette of this one.

A little bit over-the-top, perhaps.

K-9 Keep Cool Mat - Humane Society
Great for dogs who stay outside on hot summer days.

Custom Canvas Bed - Bow Wow Pet Beds on Etsy

Best Pet Bed EVER - Come. Sit. Stay on Taigan
Made in America and fully washable, these simple beds look neat (and comfy too).

Moe and Brucie Duvets - Murphy & Gert on Etsy
Such darling fabrics...I'm 99% sure they are IKEA

Sorry if you're not a dog parent and this post is completely useless to you...if that's the case, just forward it to a dog-owning friend :)